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Life Amongst the Thorns - Upcoming Book Launch!

Earlier this year, my husband and I completed our book Life Amongst the Thorns: Biodiversity and Conservation of Madagascar’s Spiny Forest. It was a wonderful moment for us, not only the culmination of three years’ work but the perfect way to end our nine-year stay in southern Madagascar. Now we have the finished product in our hands, and on Saturday 24th October we will be having our first official launch at the Anglo-Malagasy Society event at St George’s Church in Bloomsbury, London! We will be giving an illustrated talk at 12pm, followed by traditional Malagasy food and a free bar – for tickets click here

Produced in collaboration with WWF-Madagascar, Life Amongst the Thorns provides a fascinating introduction to one of the world’s great biological treasures, the unique but highly-threatened Spiny Forest. Lavishly illustrated with more than 300 images and including an authoritative, fully-referenced text, our book begins by introducing the diverse endemic flora and fauna of the region before exploring how people have shaped today’s landscapes and biodiversity. Continuing with a discussion of the varied conservation actions now being implemented to save this fragile region and an overview of its protected areas, we are sure this book will appeal to both wildlife lovers and conservationists, and leave readers rushing to pack their suitcases.

The book is available at NHBS and Amazon, or you can contact me directly to buy a personalised signed copy for £35 + postage. If you would like to see inside the book, you can download a free 50-page ‘taster’ here, or visit my gallery pages for more images of Spiny Forest wildlife, landscapes and culture.


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