I dabbled with photography as a psychology-zoology student in Bristol, and later whilst working for the RSPB in Bedfordshire, but it wasn’t until I moved to the tropical island of Madagascar in 2006 that my interest developed into a passion. Everything was strange and exotic, so I took my (husband’s) new DSLR everywhere I went and tried to capture my new environment through the lens. I taught myself how to use the camera and never looked back.
Now, nearly 10 years later, I have co-authored two photographic books about the island’s flora and fauna, and have had the pleasure to work for a variety of different conservation NGOs in Madagascar including WWF.
To me, photography is a way of introducing the island’s unique and threatened wildlife to a wider audience in the hope that greater awareness of Madagascar’s plight will lead to increased conservation effort. It is also a form of tribute to the natural world, a way for me to celebrate its beauty and strangeness, and to express the joy it brings me.